Andy Vidak

HANFORD – Farmer and small business owner Andy Vidak picked up the endorsement of The Bakersfield Californian today, reflecting his surging momentum one week before Election Day. n this summer’s primary election, Vidak received 61 percent of the vote.

“In just a year in office, Vidak has proven to be a thoughtful legislator, willing to reach across the aisle to resolve problems facing his district and California,” The Californian wrote. “He has emerged as a leader in shaping legislation to solve California’s water shortage problems, for example.”

Vidak earned kudos because despite being a member of a minority party, he can get things done in Sacramento. “I don’t poke people in the eye,” Vidak said. “I don’t kick them in the shins there. That’s no way to get along in any business.”

“We can only hope that legislators in both parties will be more willing to think of their constituents first and their party’s political playbooks second,” the editorial concludes. “A little less grandstanding and more cooperation in Sacramento would help move California forward. Voters in the 14th Senate District should re-elect Vidak.”


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