Andy Vidak

Bringing Democrats and Republicans Together

Repeal the Gasoline Tax Hike

Andy Vidak understands that south Central Valley families struggle to make ends meet.  In the Senate, he strongly opposed and voted against hiking the gasoline tax by a whopping 12 cents a gallon . . . a burden we just can’t afford.

Not surprising at all, Andy Vidak received an “A” grade from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association for his strong legislative record to protect hard-working taxpayers. And, he received a perfect 100% rating from the California Taxpayers Association for keeping his eye on wasteful government spending.

Fighting For More Valley Jobs

Small businessman and citizen legislator Andy Vidak knows that our south Valley 11% unemployment rate is completely unacceptable!  For four years in a row now, he co-sponsored a local job fair that matches as many as 80 local employers with folks looking for work.

Andy Vidak earned a 100% pro-jobs rating from the California Chamber of Commerce, voted against job-killing energy regulations that would interfere with oil and gas extraction plus co-authored a bill urging an extension of unemployment benefits for our suffering neighbors.

More Career Technical Education

With school dropout rates as high as at 60% in some of our south Valley high schools, Andy Vidak co-authored a measure that provides a 50% tax credit for people who attend career technical education classes . . . and, he voted against a bill that would end the high school exam.

Andy Vidak voted to improve the local control funding formula that provides our Central Valley schools with more resources for poor and English-learner students . . . and, he supported a measure that enhances the quality of classroom training for new teachers.

Water Is Our Lifeblood

No one knows better than farmer Andy Vidak that our Central Valley way of life depends on building reservoirs and more water delivery projects . . . and, he’s deeply concerned that too many local communities can’t even get clean, safe drinking water for their families.

Andy Vidak helped negotiate a water storage compromise between Democrat and Republican legislators that led to the successful $7.5 billion bond passed by the voters. Now, our Valley will have a reliable supply of clean water with critical water storage, emergency drought relief, groundwater clean-up and more regional water supply projects.

Provide Affordable Health Care

Andy Vidak voted for a measure that would help doctors pay off their student loans in exchange for practicing medicine in rural areas . . . and, he voted for a bill allowing pharmacists greater freedom to provide patients will less expensive generic medication.

To help families fund health savings accounts, Andy Vidak co-sponsored a bill exempting those contributions from state income taxes . . . and, he co-authored legislation requiring health officers to take tougher actions to protect our communities from pipeline gas leaks.

Keep Convicts Behind Bars

An advocate of longer prison sentences for random acts of violence, Andy Vidak also supported a state law that keeps dangerous felons off our streets.  And, he co-authored legislation making it easier to prosecute sexual predators.

Andy Vidak voted against legislation that could reduce charges for serious drug possession, backs more community anti-drug programs so young people stay away from dangerous narcotics and he’ll fight those liberal legislators who want to weaken “Three Strikes, You’re Out.”

Let’s Kill High Speed Rail

Andy Vidak clearly understands the mismanaged high-speed rail project is wasting our taxes and he agrees with the Legislative Budget Analyst that the Legislature must stop funding it . . . but worse, the bullet train is destroying local jobs, homes, farms and small businesses.

A fiscal conservative who opposes tax hikes, Andy Vidak believes high speed rail is a “pie-in-the-sky” effort . . . that’s why he authored Senate Bill 901 that temporarily halts the sale of bullet train bonds and gives taxpayers a second chance to stop all funding for the project.